Jeremy Lane


Century Links 1/18: Cliff Avril Hopes to Come Back

Read! Cliff Avril wants to play but should Seahawks have him back?Cliff Avril wants to play but should Seahawks have him back? Avril says after recovering from surgery he might want to play again. Should…


Century Links 1/17: Assessing Free Agency Needs

Read! Seahawks need to re-sign these five Seattle free agentsWith reports of many core players departing the Seahawks, here are my top five re-signings Seattle has to retain for the next wave of Seahawks football….

Jeremy Lane arrested for DUI

The Seahawks aren’t in the playoffs this year, which left their players to find other ways to occupy their time over the weekend. Cornerback Jeremy Lane‘s choice of activities was apparently the wrong one. According…


Seahawks won’t have any playoff injuries this year

On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks were officially eliminated from playoff contention. On the other hand, they were officially eliminated from playoff injuries contention. Over the Seahawks’ five straight seasons of postseason appearances, they were subject…

Don’t ever let the Seahawks get you down

“Ethics cannot be based on human nature because, as evolutionary biology tells us, there is no such thing.” I can’t tell you the right or wrong way to watch the Seattle Seahawks. I mean I,…