Cliff Avril


Century Links 1/8: Projecting Seahawks’ Future

Read! Seahawks buy or sale? The future is bright in Seattle?Seahawks buy or sale? The future is bright in Seattle? Pete Carroll and John Schneider have big plans with the Seahawks. But how good is…


Seahawks won’t have any playoff injuries this year

On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks were officially eliminated from playoff contention. On the other hand, they were officially eliminated from playoff injuries contention. Over the Seahawks’ five straight seasons of postseason appearances, they were subject…

Cliff Avril Holiday Shopping Surprise

Seahawks defensive end Cliff Avril posed as a salesclerk at two Seattle area retails stores and surprised unsuspecting customers by paying for their holiday gifts.


Thank you, Seahawks

This week, a lot of Seahawks fans are left wondering “what to do next?” following Seattle’s 42-7 loss to the Rams. It’s not hard to understand why a 35-point loss would prompt many to ask…