Take the over! It’s Russ and Jimmy

But maybe take the under, you know? If you haven’t weighed in on the Seattle Seahawks all-time 53-man roster, because weekend, click on any one of these and vote like your FG membership depends on…


Century Links 6/25: Offseason Doldrums

Read! Goldsboro alum Jarran Reed hosts first youth football campFormer Goldsboro High School star and current Seattle Seahawk Jarran Reed held his first youth football camp Saturday. Ranking NFL’s best one-year flier deals – 2017…


The All-Time Seahawk 53, Day 4

Wrapping this unique project up with some of the franchise’s biggest stars QB’s? Check. Ball carriers and ball catchers? Check. Specialists? Check. Both lines? Check. Must be time to finish assembling the all-time 53-man roster,…