Test your knowledge on the 2017 Seahawks run game


In the coming weeks I will be systematically breaking down the abysmal running game of the 2017 Seattle Seahawks, going through each and every one of the rushing attempts by the running backs one back at a time.

I will be going through the backs looking at several factors on every single rushing attempt for all six of the running backs who had double digit carries on the year. The order I will progress through these players will be to first look at the players who are slated to be free agents – Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls and Mike Davis – followed by those players who are under contract (or an ERFA (Exclusive Rights Free Agent) in McKissic’s case) for 2018 – C.J. Prosise, Chris Carson and J.D. McKissic.

Before I delve into all of the gory details and the utter ugliness of the 2017 running game, I wanted to get a little input from all of you who will be reading these breakdowns in order to be able to best provide the type of information the audience wants to see.

Thus, here is a quick series of polls regarding the running backs, the running back position in general and fan preferences regarding the backs on the Seattle roster.

Any other thoughts or comments y’all have regarding the running back position regarding what type of information or data would be interesting to see during the offseason can be left in the comments.

Only five more weeks until free agency is upon us, and eleven weeks until the draft arrives, meaning it is almost time for the offseason hype train to start picking up passengers as it makes its way towards the 2018 season.

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