Richard Sherman live-tweets Seahawks critical win over Cowboys


Last season, Earl Thomas became an All-Pro live-game tweeter after he broke his leg against the Carolina Panthers. Seahawks LOB teammate Richard Sherman also found himself on injured reserve this year, but Sunday is the first time I can recall him becoming an active Twitter user during a game.

It is also pretty good.

Sherman, the loudest player on the field when he’s healthy, is an obvious candidate to be putting his thoughts out mid-game. He comments on the one-sided broadcasting, bad penalties called on defensive backs, and why you should not have given up on the Seahawks after last week.

Justin Coleman with a pick-six, Byron Maxwell with a forced fumble.

Bad pass interference called on Coleman.

Sherman not happy with the broadcast attitude.

Sherman wants to see Thomas Rawls do more with his opportunities, and he finally does.

I thought he hated Russell Wilson?

More unhappiness with how defensive backs are flagged so often.

Frank Clark with the sack.



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