Legion Of… Ball?


Give the defenders a chance on offense, they said. What’s the worst that could happen, they said

Yesterday was the first Seattle Seahawks opposite day, when you were asked to place offensive players on defense. And hope for the best.

Today, reverse assignment. Let’s give the LOB the ball and see what they can do with it. Let’s choose a defensive lineman to represent the D on the OL. (DO NOT GET ANY BRIGHT IDEAS, TOM C.)

And four freak athletes (Michael Bennett, Kam Chancellor, Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner) get preferential poll treatment. Because their athletic profile and skills demand it, that’s why.

Thought we’d keep it to the most well-known names. Now the bodies expand in inches and pounds. Feel free to add 30-40 lbs. to a D-lineman through rigorous weight training and “aggressive calorie intake.”

The silly questions get more and more specific.

Forgetting about K.J. Wright might be a national pastime, but not here. Usually.

A scenario that still comes up from time to time: Richard Sherman used to be a receiver, is there room for him on certain plays?

And what would this set of polls even be without a Bennett brothers question?

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